Miracle - a soup Sumaljak

In many regions of our country Sumalyak is prepared before the start of the Spring Season. It is prepared with out any sweetener, or Oil BUT IT IS VERY SWEET. Navruz only approaches, and people living in Mahallas Start making preparations for Sumalyak and even Elderly women participate in the cooling along with the young. And as to popularity and utility of Sumalyak, it will be important to explain the logical scientific reasons. When wheat germinates it produces such enzyme, under which influence various biochemical processes are accelerated. Germinated seed of wheat has rich quantity of vitamin E in it and many other vitamins the main strength of Sumalyak!

People engaged in preparation Sumalyak, use for it any grade of wheat. Wash the wheat in cold water and Soak it in the enameled ware. For three says they add even more water to keep it soaked. After three days they Take out the soaked wheat Grain and spread in in a layer of 1 to 1.5 Inch Thick on the Floor in a dark place with moderate temperature. If required they sprinkle water on the layer. In 3-4 days when sprouts will reach 1,5 Inches long (see the pictures), the layer should be divided into small parts and to pass through a meat grinder. Then, having added a more water, the white liquid is stirred and filtered through a cloth of loose mesh. Then again put in to a Big Bowl and the Process is repeated 3 or 4 times.

In 3-4 days when sprouts will reach 1,5 see, the layer should be divided on not more parts and to pass through a meat grinder. Then, having added a few waters,porridge to stir and filter through a gauze. Remained to put in a bowl, to add waters and again to wring out through a gauze in other ware thus operation repeats three times. And all three portions of a mash, everyone, is filtered in different ware.Jom in the further process of preparation it is not used any more

How oil in the course of preparation sumaljak do without??? Having warmed up a copper, wipe pan a dry napkin. Only, paying a tradition tribute, pour oils gramme 30-50 in exactly so much, how many it is enough to grease with it its walls. Also pour in pan the first mash, add a flour and well mix, that there were no lumps. When contents will begin to boil, they pour out in pan the second portion of a mash, allow to it to begin to boil and pour out the third portion of a mash.